Capita SIMS animation

Capita Sims
Responsible for
Design, Animation

Capita are the UK’s leading provider of business process outsourcing and integrated professional support service solutions. SIMS provides management information systems for schools, when they integrated it’s features with Capita’s HR & Payroll Services, they needed a simple and effective animation to explain how it would work to their customers

Storyboard and script

At it’s heart the software was a cyclical process and so a concept of circular motion was used to help reinforce this principle and give the animation a consistency and structure

The animation was first scripted in several drafts before work began on a storyboard which tied together the visual concept with the messaging

Illustration and styling

Parts of the animation required the portrayal of abstract processes around data transfer and information, for this a simple line style of illustration was employed.  A bold colour palette was chosen and used to help differentiate between the scenes representing processes where data was input and those showing how it was processed