Brand and character development

2 little fleas
Responsible for
Design and Illustration

A bingo review portal with lots of character and a growing online community. Operating in a competitive market 2 little fleas needed a strong, cohesive identity with plenty of standout

Illustration & character development

The flea characters act as brand ambassadors encompassing the fun/vibrant nature of the site, anthropomorphism was considered more important than physical accuracy. Using older cartoons styles, such as looney tunes as inspiration we wanted these characters to resonate with the target audience.

They appear throughout the site and help to signpost the various sections


The aim of the site is to provide resources and content to help a potential online bingo fan. The branding was developed to capitalise on the fun/gaming aspects of Bingo

Website design

Other similar sites feel cluttered, overcrowded and incoherent. Keeping the layout simple with a bold colour palette and strong identity that played on the fun/gaming aspects of Bingo enusred it stood apart from competitors and appealed to the target audience